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Russian Junior N’shei Chabad are preparing for their 16th Annual Hakhel Farbrengen and Gala Banquet, dedicated to the 11-th yartzeit of Rebbetzin Sora Levin Bas Horav Reb Moshe Chaim, will take place on Sunday, January 17, 2016, 6:30 pm at Lubavitcher Yeshiva, 570 Crown st., Brooklyn, NY.

RJNC is the youngest women Chabad organization of Crown Heights community that caters for the religious and other needs of Russian speaking women and their families in the Rebbe’s neighborhood and around communities as well, founded by Mrs. Nurit Sarytchev and Mrs. Rochel Faygen in 2000. RJNC runs free weekly morning and evening women classes in Tanya and Chasidus , monthly Taharas Mishpaha and Shalom Bais lectures “ Ezer keNegdo” , Melava Malkos and in addition holding monthly Farbrengens that are free and open for all Russian speaking auditory from CH and around neighborhoods . Russian speaking auditory is very diverse and multi-faceted , there are many frum from birth immigrants that came back in 70’s and new baalej teshuva immigrants that came in late 90’s to settle here with their families or to start the new religious family close to the Rebbe , many have bachelors and masters degree and are leading specialist in their area , some are doctors and some are artists or scientists , businesswomen and a lot are stay at home mothers with 6-10 and more kids , all their children are part of Crown Heights Yeshiva educational system . Farbrengens, that are enriched with guest speakers, musicians, artists, health& fitness professionals , delightful food and mini auctions as well, united all the crowd in one and unique community .

The story of organizing RJNC brings us back sixteen years ago to the tiny kitchen in Crown Heights, where few young married Jewish women were having a tea party. It was one of the coldest and longest NY evenings, ladies were sharing stories and memories, were discussing latest news and ….Divrei Torah and Chassidic nigunim were the hottest topic of their gathering. The kettle was hot, the cake was delicious and the entire atmosphere of the tea party was very warm and inviting …no one wanted to leave. They didn’t realize how the small tea party turned into the first Farbrengen.

The Rebbe writes about the women’s gathering together at the Farbrengen:” The women and daughters of Chabad have an especial obligation to place themselves in the forefront of every activity designed to strengthen Yiddishkeit in general, and the Jewish home in particular.”(From the Rebbe’s letter to Agudas N’shei and Bnos Chabad on their Fifth Convention). “There is no need to emphasize at length that in order to fulfill the most important tasks of Akeres haBayis and Eim habonim, the women must continue to deepen and advance their Chinuch, so that they can illuminate and brighten their Jewish house and the whole House of Israel with the light and vitality of Ner Mitzvah v’Torah Or in the fullest measure.”(From the letter of the Rebbe to the 25-th Annual Convention of N’shei and Bnos Chabad). These Rebbe’s statements and a huge brocha from the Igrot HaKodesh gave an opportunity and strength to two young women, former students of Machon Chana, Mrs. Nurit Sarytchev and Mrs. Rochel Faygen to organize Russian Junior N’shei Chabad of Crown Heights.

First Farbrengens were very challenging , without any social media was hard to invite women , to attract them with something special …The decision came quickly – first will be the yummy homemade food and the Rebbe's Sichos by Mrs.Nurit Sarytchev and then will be halocha rules presented by Mrs. Rochel Faygen in her living room …Many were invited but only ten brave women came …then came up an idea to make a raffle at the end of the Farbrengen to give something small and cheer more women to participate in the next Farbrengen . Slowly more women began to come and some women started to volunteer to hold the Farbrengen at their residence.

Ladies that opens their houses to hold monthly Farbrengens are real Jewish Queens and Eshes Chail. They are working hard to make it beautifully organized , decorated , they prepare delightful food and special deserts , cater for everyone needs ,making the entire atmosphere very warm and welcoming for all the guests to enjoy the evening . Mrs. Nurit Sarytchev opens every Farbrengen with a powerful speech to bring Rebbes words of Chassidism to the bottom of every neshoma. Then Mrs .Rochel Faygen is giving a brief lecture of practical laws form Shulhan Aruch. It’s always a hot topic full of discussion, questions and answers of how to make it practical nowadays, Chabad customs and everyday practical application and usage in the everyday life. Next are the few wise philosophical statements from Rambam teaching presented by Mrs. Rivkah Sidorov. Further the Farbrengen is continued by Mrs. Shayna Malka Roth who is spreading ethical thoughts of the Jewish Philosopher Rabeinu Bahya ibn Paquda (Bahya ben Joseph ibn Paquda) from his work of Chovos haLevavos; “The Duties of the Heart is divided into ten sections termed (she'arim) "gates", corresponding to the ten fundamental principles, which constitute human spiritual life. This treatises on the inner spiritual life makes numerous references to both Biblical and Talmudic texts." (Introduction to Choivos haLevovois). Teachings of Rabeinu Bahya arouse women neshamos to fulfill the mitzvos with an open heart, with love, full Bitachon and pure Emuna in their everyday life. Then guest speaker or an entertainment take place, nigunim, dancing and a raffle ends the evening with happy winners. Chassidic Niggunim are under musical accompaniment of Mrs. Chaya Yavich, professional performance on a keyboard make the evening more special and cheer up every women’s neshoma. All events are photo-captured by professional and talented photographers Mrs. Emma Aminov and Mrs. Rochel Konik.

Twelve years ago RJNC opened weekly morning and evening classes of Chassidus and Tanya for Russian speaking community in CH. Women desire of studying Torah and constant self education gave an opportunity to hold two weekly classes. Every Tuesday morning women with little babies selflessly studying Chassidus and share nice breakfast with Mrs.Nurit Sarytchev in her open house. Every Tuesday evening Tanya classes are open for the working women that desire to enrich their potential in learning philosophic and deep Jewish study of Alter Rebbe , the class is organized by Mrs.Shayna Malka Roth in her house with light food and refreshments, where the lector is Mrs. Nurit Sarytchev too. Both classes are free, attractive, with chassidishe atmosphere and strong spirit. Mrs. Rochel Faygen teaching brief lectures of Shulhan Aruh laws in both locations as a part of an enrichment program and Rebbe’s directive request.

Those weekly Torah classes and monthly Farbrengens inspire and unite all Russian speaking women that came to Crown Heights to build their frum families and to raise their chassidishe kinderlah in the Rebbe’s headquarters from all over the post soviet countries and all around the world as well.

Many new mothers found themselves without first family here and felt very lonely in a new place after delivering their babies .To brighten their lives and to give new moms some help with food preparation , Mrs. Malky Shkolnik and Mrs .Miriam Illyayev organized, in 2008, the “ MaMe meals for yoledot “. It’s a free volunteer project where they and other women are voluntarily cooking homemade meals for families with a new baby in need.

In addition to all tremendous work, RJNC publishes and prints out more than 150 copies of the monthly edition of “In the wake of the Farbrengen “newsletter in Russian language. The newsletter shares the latest news of Russian community; also you can read short content of all lectures and even find some cooking tips and recipes from Mrs. Leora Olkhovskaya. The newsletter is also a photo legend of the monthly Farbrengen. Once a year an Annual Journal huge edition in English-Russian languages is published and dedicated to the annual Farbrengen. Annual Journal is the reflection and report of all work that done through the year , but also include many articles in various topics , like Chinuh, Shalom Bais , Fashion news , Culinary Trends , Greetings and etc., from professional and amateur writers and commercial advertising as well .

If you want to publish your article , greetings , dedication page to your deceased loved relatives or make an advertisement of your business , please , send a request to the with a remark “ annual journal “.

RJNC wants to invite all women to the

Russian Junior N’shei Chabad

16th Annual Hakhel Farbrengen and Gala Banquet,

Dedicated to the 11-th yartzeit of Rebbetzin Sora Levin , mother of Rabbi Moshe-Chaim Levin and Mrs. Leah Yechielov,

That will take place on

Sunday, January 17, 2016, 6:30 pm

at Lubavitcher Yeshiva, 570 Crown st., Brooklyn, NY.

16th Annual Hakhel Farbrengen and Gala Banquet with full banquet fancy menu, drinks and deserts from Turk Catering in a modern, fancy decorated ULY hall by Mrs. Chana Komarovsky. The Guest Speakers, dancing with cool DJ and Chinese auction that supervised by Mrs. Lea Yechielov are waiting for only you, our dear guest. The indoor ticket price is only 30$, early birds will get super presents and preordering tickets are on the discount price on our website.

If you wish to help RJNC to spread the Torah Light, please open your heart and donate any amount or become a main sponsor of any activity of our tremendous and totally free work, please, contact the organizers Mrs. Nurit Sarytchev or Mrs.Rochel Faygen by

For more info, ticket pursaching and for your generous donations

Email RJNC at or

Visit our website:

Author Mrs. Meyrav Tovitou


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