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Intrested in hosting or sponsoring one of the events-let us know!

Rosh Chodesh Farbrengen

Every Rosh Chodesh we gather together 

to get inspired with Divrei Torah and Nigunim.

The Hostess of the Farbrengen prepares deliocious food that unites our Ruchnius with the Gashmius. That's how  we built a dwelling place in this world for Hashem.

There is no Farbrengen without Lechaim, so we say Lechaim and bless each other with all the brochos one can think.


We also congratulate all the ladies who are having their Birthdays in the coming month.


At the conclusion of the event we raffle the presents amongs the participants.




Every Tuesday night

at 777 Eastern pkwy #1

at 9:30pm


Shayna Malka Roth

is the hostess of the class


Every Tuesday

at 935 Eastern pkwy #5C

at 11:00 am 


Nurit Sarytchev, Rochel Faygen

are the hostess of the class



in process

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